We want to help you do what you do best

Agents and developers excel in diverse property sales. Wise House enhances services and income with powerful tools.

Boost your selling skills, do not replace them

We provide a link to your property, available in QR and text format. Use them strategically based on your expertise!

Embed them on your website, place them within open homes, print them into magazines, share them as text to your top clients, or keeping it private, the choice is yours. You're the expert in control, leveraging our tools to amplify your craft and exceed your selling potential.

Your properties stay secure, not in the wild

Not a fan of making a property publicly accessible? Make it private with one click.

You are free to only unlock it for the duration of an open home, or for a couple of hours when a specific client asks for access.

Make models private or public Make models private or public

Respecy your client's privacy

Our scanner captures concepts, not images. Our renders illustrate the layout of the property and its spaces, not your client's personal details.

We do not breach your client's privacy

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