Our technologies

Yes, you can talk to a smart home... but Wise Houses combine simulations and natural language models.

Integrating simulations with large language models can expand their capabilities, improve contextual understanding, and enable them to provide more insightful and accurate responses in various domains.

- Chat GPT

a great example of scanning a house using Wise House's app


Creating a detailed model of your home has never been easier! Use your phone to capture its size, shape, orientation, location, appliances, windows, doors, and walls.

an awesome image showing a great conversation between a person and their home


Have a conversation with your home, in your own language! Ask it about its size and materials, future and past temperatures, solar exposure, orientation, appliances, and more.

a very cool building simulation image


Our proprietary building performance simulation engine is a big part of the magic under the hood. It provides insights that no Generative AI model can offer by itself.

Is it reliable?
A robot writing on a typing machine


By feeding the insights provided by our simulation engine to Generative AI models, we can produce property listings, advertisements, and more.